Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So many times, I have told my children about living in a farmhouse in Illinois as a young girl. It helped to shape my thoughts about living on the land. It has always been my heart's desire.....I am NOT a city girl. We lived on the top floor of a Mennonite's family sheep farm. It was glorious. I remember loving absolutely everything about it. Here is a picture of that delightful place.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I had to break into my own story to share my NEW story. John Shepard Kyker (Jack) was born today, April 25, 2009 to Judy Kay and Jimmy Kyker!! He joins Travis, Sam, Caroline and Ben in this beautiful family. He was born at home around 5am (exact time will be noted later), 7 lbs. 5 oz, 21" long. Mommy says he has lots of dark hair just like Ben and is adorable. I am anxiously awaiting pictures<3 Ken, of course, is thrilled that he is named after him (John Kenneth Babington) and Jimmy's Grandfather (Shepard/last name). He'll be called Jack which I think is so cute! Judy Kay started her contractions around 3am and Jack was born around 5. What a wonderful midwife....she even fixed the family breakfast!!! The children woke up to a new baby brother and were VERY excited. They had to get off the phone to watch him get his first bath. I can't to meet him (this week). I'll post pictures as soon as I have them:) I went to bed last night thanking the Lord that he/she would be born tonight (24th) or tomorrow with a great sense of knowing. And here he is!!! Thank you, Lord, for your most wonderful gift.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Daddy is Gone - My worldview starts to take shape

My Dad was gone a lot, so unfortunately there are not many memories of him in my early years. I just thought he was dashing, mysterious and glamorous!! He ended up in Korea for a year while Mom and I lived with my grandmother (mom's mom, Mary B. Lehnert)

My dad would always bring me wonderful dolls and presents home when he returned. I always had something to look forward to......I still like to look forward to things to this day....and I LOVE to give presents!! I can see how my worldview started to take shape. We women could take care of things....there was no man at home......we could rely on ourselves. And who was the authority in the home? The women, of course.

This is the place where I REMEMBER disobeying my Dad and he and I got burned pretty badly. He had come home and we were celebrating with dinner on the back porch. We saw a fire in the kitchen through the window. Dad told me to STAY OUTSIDE while he ran in. Unfortunately I ran in (I was worried about him), stood in a corner while he was taking out a burning pot of grease...the wind caught it and blew the fire on me. He and I ended up at the hospital with fairly severe burns. One of my first memorable lessons of disobedience and headstrongness...many more to come!

Farm Life

My love of farm living began. My dad went to a school at Chanute AFB in Illinois in 1951. At 4 years old, we lived upstairs in a Mennonite farmhouse with a wonderful family. I especially remember Monty, their son, who was a year older than me. It was a wonderful sheep farm and I remember going out to the barn to watch them sheer. Somewhere there is a picture of this farm and if I ever find it, I'd love to post it. It was a big, two story white farm house with a big wrap around porch. Love big farm houses and lots of land to this day.........and homemade pies in the window.....hmmmmmm I digress. Really, this is a great way to live. Must be why my memories are so strong. I thought it was a wonderful time. We only lived here for a year.

At this time I also started my tapping career. I remember performing "Me and My Teddy Bear."
Me and my teddy bear
have no worries have no care
me and my teddy bear
just play and play all day.

Every night he's with me
when I climb up the stairs
By my side he listens
when I say my prayers.

Me and my teddy bear
just play and play all day.

Take a bow.......................

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Born in Akron, Ohio

I was born in Akron, Ohio on November 17, 1947 in People's Hospital. I don't think we stayed there very long. In my last post I showed you my first home with the sheer curtains in the window. I duplicated that curtain look when I had my own first "purchased" home in Kennesaw, Georgia. Memories have strong influences!!!

The Berlin Airlift started so Dad applied for recall. He was recalled in September of 1948 and off to Enid, OK we went. We lived in an airstream trailer for a few months. (I've always like those too!)

A few more pictures..................................................

Here I Come!!!!

On December 3, 1945 Dad got home. He had the opportunity to stay in or go to Germany during the occupation. He got out and tried to be a banker in Hudson, Ohio. They bought a little house in Akron for $9,000. I don't think he liked the 9 to 5 very well. He was suited for flying and he missed it!

Pilot Pictures and Palm Springs

A few more pictures of my glamorous parents....hump pilot and Palm Springs living "the good life"!